Additional Under Deck Accessories

Lights and Fans

When you choose Under Deck Oasis for your deck drainage system, there are many options and accessories that can make your space truly unique!

The most common of these choices would be lights and fans.

While performing your under deck ceiling installation we are able to provide the necessary waterproofing for any lights or fans that you desire to have installed. In order for these lights/fans to be completely waterproofed, they must be surface mountable. This means that they can connect to a light box.

Once you have decided how many fixtures you wish to have installed in your under deck system you can notify us and add the information in your quote submission form. Once we have acquired this information we will be able to add this in to the installation price.

What else can we do?

Not only can you do lights and fans, but you are also able to hang hooks for porch swings or plants.

We have also waterproofed areas for speakers! The possibilities for accessories on the Under Deck Oasis deck drainage system are endless!

Do you have an idea for an additional accessory? We would love to hear about it and see if we can make it happen. We love a challenge!

Email us at or fill out the Free Estimate Request form.

***Please note: We can only do surface mountable fixtures, and cannot do recessed fixtures.