Tools Needed

In order to install the Under Deck Oasis system properly, you will need to have access to most of the tools listed below. Not all these tools are needed for every job, but most will be needed at some time or another.

If you are a contractor, you most likely already have these tools. If you are a homeowner installing the system yourself, be aware you can rent many of the larger tools and equipment needed.

Speak to your Under Deck Oasis representative about your specific job if you are not clear on which tools you may need.

Equipment Needed

Step Ladder
Several (3-5) small step ladders 5’ to 7’ usually work best. – Used for being high in the air installing the panels.
Siding Break
A 10' siding break is ideal – For bending and forming the “G Channel & Side Cap”
Saw Horses
4 to 6 saw horses – Used for a work space, cutting space, etc
Extension Cords
Electrical cords & Power Strips – Used for powering all your equipment.

Power Tools

Cordless Screw Driver
For drilling and screwing in the components.
Reciprocating Saw
Used to cut through bolts, wood and anything else that’s in your way.
10" Chop Saw
10" Chop saw or Radial arm saw with a fine tooth carbide blade – Used to to cut the panels
Skill Saw
Rarely used, but can come in handy for difficult cutting situations.

Hand Tools

Caulk Gun
For spreading sealant.
Coping Saw
Used to trim components
Metal Snips
Used for cutting various aluminum components.
Hack Saw with Fine Blade
Used to trim components
Flash Lights
It gets dark under decks sometimes, so a flashlight can help.
Razor / Utility Knife
Main purpose is to score the aluminum components
Carpenter Pencil
Used for drawing your cut lines.
Magnetic ¼” Driver Hex Bit
Used to screw in the zip screws provided in your kit. - (Nice to have short and 6”)
Flat Pry Bar
Used for prying up deck boards if needed.
6" Hand Break
For bending and forming the “G Channel & Side Cap”
2 ft Level
Used for creating the slope for the water to drain in a certain direction.
Metal File
Used to smooth out your aluminum cuts.
Siding Zip Tool
Used for popping the panels in and out.
Tape Measure
Minimum of 25'
Socket Set
Used to counter set bolts if beams is attached with bolts.
Standard Hammer
Helpful for removing and reinstalling deck boards, etc.
3/4” Drill Bit
Used for installing light fixtures.
Speed Square
Used for ensuring everything is square.


2x Wood
(Various sizes, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, etc) Used for any build-out that is needed

Clean Up

Push brooms work best for clean up after the install is complete.
Box of Rags
Good rags are invaluable for clean up and also during installation.
Drop Cloths
Great to put down before the job begins to protect patios, landscaping, windows, etc.
Solvent (Acetone)
Used to clean up any sealant.