Ideas For Usage

Creating a New Living Space

The primary function of the Under Deck Oasis deck drainage system, and what the overwhelming majority of our customers use this product for, is to create a new living space of some kind. As you know, the functionality of Under Deck Oasis deck ceiling keeps rain water from coming through your second story deck, which opens up a world of new possibilities. The deck ceiling system also gives the area a finished appearance making it ready for all sorts of daily activities and special occasions.

Most obviously, Under Deck Oasis keeps expensive outdoor patio furniture safe and dry so it can be left out permanently (or at least most of the time), allowing you to have a relaxing retreat that you will utilize much more frequently. So stop worrying about having to drag cushions in and out every time you want to sit outside for a minute.

But lets think beyond the simple patio oasis! Below are some of the many ideas and suggestions for using your new outdoor living space that you may not have though of…

Outdoor Kitchen and Year-round Grilling

Are you a mans-man? A Grilling Fanatic? A Meat Maker? A Steak Slinger? A Burger Blacksmith? A Chops Connoisseur? Don’t let old man winter step between you and your meat!

Have you ever had to scrape snow and ice off your grill? Anyone who steps up to the grill in mind-winter knows it can be a royal pain. It can be difficult to get the grill lit, especially if you are using charcoal (and you should be using charcoal!).

Here is the thing… grilling is a passion, so if your grill is outside under a second story deck, having an aluminum ceiling over head can really make all the difference. Grilling in the rain or snow is no longer an issue, and you won’t need to store your expensive grill during the winter months.

And how about the holidays? Be the holiday hero and grill some Ribs, or maybe cook that turkey ‘Beer Can Style’ and really impress the in-laws.

Have you ever watched the big game… OUTSIDE?

Here is a totally cool idea… how about putting that big flat screen TV you got on Black Friday Outside! And Why not? With Under Deck Oasis under deck ceiling system you can safely put that big screen on the wall and it will stay dry. During the snowy season? Maybe not so much.

But during the milder months you can host an outdoor tailgate style party, put the race on during the weekend BBQ, or maybe host a fun movie night with friends. Hook up the Nintendo Wii and play some back yard Golf!

It may be the only way to get the kids outside anymore!

Comfortable Outdoor Smoking Area

In our modern world, we all know it’s not a good idea to be smoking cigarettes inside the house. These days, most smokers take their business outside. One of the many reasons folks enjoy our Under Deck Drainage system, is because it creates a clean, dry place to grab a smoke.

Even in the winter months the space below the deck stays dry. The aluminum panel system cannot be melted or damaged by smoke either, which makes it ideal. So go ahead and enjoy your cigar, cigarette, or pipe or invite the neighbors over for a Hookah party!


We have had several clients want to use the system to create a usable outdoor workshop area. Most wanted to have a spot where they could keep a table and several power tools, saws, etc for woodworking. It is an interesting concept and we would love to see one of these in action.

Hot Tub Area

A great reason (we think, anyway!) for maximizing and beautifying the space under your second story deck, is the installation of that glorious modern marvel.. the Hot Tub!

It doesn’t take an advanced degree to know that hot tubs are some of the most fun, relaxing, and downright enjoyable escape devices in our modern rat race world. Spend more quality time with the kids, or more romantic quality time with your spouse. Utilizing the Under Deck Oasis system gives you the freedom to put your hot tub in a very desirable location.

A few final suggestions for your outdoor living space:

Using a Second story deck for dry storage

People use the Under Deck Oasis under deck drainage system for all sorts of reasons, but one of the simplist is to create a dry outdoor storage space. In many cases, the existing space beneath the second story deck is useless for storing anything of value because of the constant water (and mold) issues.

Would you keep your $20,000 Bass Boat under a wet, moldy deck? Most likely not.

With the Under Deck Oasis under deck drainage system properly installed, this is no longer an issue. It is a great place to store boats, ATV’s, jet ski’s, kayaks, and all sorts of outdoor sporting equipment. You can also store your lawn and garden equipment.

Lets take a look at this job just completed in Holland, Michigan. Not wanting to destroy their view of the lake with a storage shed, they used the space under their deck for a shed instead.

This is the same building technique used to create a 3 seasons room.