Meet The Under Deck Oasis Team

Office Team
Tony - Chief Visionary Officer
Tony is constantly innovating, creating, and managing the big picture issues. Whether it's installation, marketing, or business management, Tony finds a way to get it done.
Dan - The Voice of Reason
Dan oversees a great deal of the day to day operations, creates systems for success and inspires the team.
Trevor - Maestro of Mayhem
Trevor works with our customers nationwide to design their dream under deck space.
Matt - Ambassador of Buzz
Matt helps our sales team achieve their objectives, and creates a buzz on our social media pages.
J.D. - Director of Dream Fulfillment
J.D. handles the scheduling and keeps the complex installation ship on an even keel. J.D. works with our customers and builders to bring their project in on time.
Kristie - Certified Chaos Controller
Kristie works between the sales and production departments, keeping the details straight and J.D. out of trouble.
Jennette - Chief Concept Coordinator
Jennette works with administration and marketing to coordinate both departments, as well as special projects.
Ross - Ringleader of Creative Operations
Ross handles much of the marketing, website and technology, and fulfilling whatever other creative demands pop up.
Jarod - Capturer of Magic
Jarod is often on-site filming and also helps in any other way he can.
Shipping Team
John O - Master Accomplisher
John is the ultimate doer, who runs our shipping department, and engineers and builds whatever the job calls for.
Johnny - Wonder Delivery Agent
Johnny handles a great deal of the day to day shipping and shop work with military precision.
Whitney - Amazement Inspector
Whitney works in the shipping department, helps with inventory and keeps everyone on their toes.
Robyn - Wrangler of Awesome
Robyn works with shipping, packaging, tracking inventory and is generally awesome.
Installation Team
Rick - Master Aluminum Charmer
Slick Rick is an installer and trainer who also helps develop Under Deck Oasis installation standards.
Randy - Expert Drainage Deviser
Randy is our longest serving installer, who was integral to our early success, and can be seen in many install videos.
Aaron - Panel Placement Virtuoso
Aaron is a skilled Under Deck Oasis installer with a keen eye and attention to detail.
Tim - Professional Deck De-Rainer
Tim utilizes his years as a rain gutter installer to his advantage when installing Under Deck Oasis.
Nik - Ceiling Sealing Specialist
Nik is our youngest and newest installer, thereby receiving the most grief from the other installers.